Heavy duty lashing rings in lower loading area, 5 pairs, LC=min. 5000 daN

Heavy duty lashing rings in rear loading area, 4 pairs, LC=min. 5000 daN

Goose neck with integrated lashing rail on sides 

Stake pockets, 9 pairs

2 fixed axles, 1 self-steering axle


Knowing and understanding the needs of our Customers, we are aware that some functionalities may be unnecessary and it may be pointless to encumber the budget with them. The LDF-series was developed with consideration.

This economical variant is suitable for various purposes, in which lowered load deck is required, but the option of front loading is unnecessary. This is an economical high quality solution is perfect for companies operating in special transport.

It uses a fixed swan neck that cannot be detached. All solutions are based on the best quality and technologies that the LDF-series is known for. The lowered load deck — a the height of 490 mm — and its extendibility by up to 5 metres provide numerous transport possibilities and enable the transport of a wide range of construction machines or high loads.

  1. TLTotal length 14.430 mm
  2. ELExtension length 1 x 4.000 mm
  3. TETotal length extended 18.430 mm
  4. WWidth 2.550 mm
  5. KHKingpin height 1.300 mm
  6. LHLoading area height 900 mm
  7. DHLowered loading area height 490 mm
  8. FLFixed part behind goose neck 350 mm
  9. RLRear part of loading area length 4.520 mm
  10. DLLower loading area length 5.810 mm
  11. ULUpper loading area length 4.100 mm
  12. FOFront overhang 1.400 mm
  13. RORear overhang 1.050 mm
  14. RTSwing clearance radius for truck 2.300 mm
  15. RAClearance radius for trailer 1.650 mm
  16. ADAxle distance 1.360 mm
  17. KADistance from kingpin to the 1st axle 9.210 mm
  1. Max. fifth wheel load 25.000 kg
  2. Axle load capacity 30.000 kg
  3. Gross vehicle weight 55.000 kg
  4. Dead weight 12.500 kg
  5. Payload 42.500 kg